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Concrete Patios & Driveways

Stamped Concrete Patios

Stamped Concrete Patios in Southeast Michigan are a very popular choice among homeowners in Macomb County and Oakland County. The beauty, durability, low maintenance, and affordability of stamped concrete patios in Macomb County and Oakland County is the reason more consumers are choosing Michigan Stamped Concrete over natural stone materials for their Patio Design.

Concrete Patio Cost

Stamped patio costs have many different options. A ground level patio is usually lower in cost. When choosing to increase your patio height, this will require additional labor, materials like crushed concrete, cement, and framing boards. All these factors will cause an increase in the price. Also, the number of steps could be a factor, Biondo Cement tries not to exceed more than three steps because of weight issues and settling that could appear over time.

Wood, PVC & Composite Decking

Cedar and Treated Wood Decks

When it comes to building wood decks in Michigan, cedar is the best way to go. It’s light weight, weather resistant, durable, and has very little expansion. Cedar is very attractive and has beautiful grain patterns. The material is extremely builder friendly and easy to work with.

Composite Decks

Composite materials are a combination of recycled plastic and wood fibers. The plastic or PVC in the material prevents it from rotting or splintering.

Cellular PVC Decking

As technology has advanced, manufacturers began looking for solutions to the mold and fading issues associated with composite decks and traditional wood decks.  Cellular PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) decking boards have become one of the solutions to the problems that some composite and wood decks face.

Custom Patio Designs and Deck Designs in Michigan

Composite Decks with Brick and Stone Pillars
Michigan Brick Pillars and Wood Decking
Michigan Concrete Patios

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